The appearances of things are deceptive.

Black Widow #9

nat + smirking

i’m s o r r y.

          did i step on your m o m e n t?


Well, when was I gonna have a shot like that again?

It’s hard to say, really. Perhaps never.


Can’t blame ya. That is my type.

Exactly. How we met, for example. You made it far too easy for me, you know.


[chuckles] What? You gonna run their names and make sure they ain’t out to kill me?

[Smiles softly] Something like that.


[rolls eyes] Yeah. Got a coupl’a hot dates tonight.

Oh, yeah? And who’re the lucky ladies? I want full names and socials. 


Ha ha. You’re feelin’ a bit cocky.

No, that’s your job. At least I assumed it was.


True. Ain’t like it’s the first time.

Don’t reminisce too much. Your pants might get a little tight.