Black Widow #007 - Artist: Phil Noto

Natasha ↔ Steve


» I think so little of Bucky with fussy babies.

» Seriously whose child is it?

» Jane and Thor’s. We’re watching her for the day. 

» She’s actually really well behaved but we’re only a few hours in.

Natasha ↔ Steve


» Ha ha very funny.

» You know he’s only going to hold that baby until it needs a change.

» Do you really think so little of my ability to persuade?

» Give me a day and he’ll be changing diapers with one hand and warming milk with the other.  

Natasha ↔ Steve


» Whose baby is it?

» Found it on the doorstep in a basket. Decided to keep it.

Natasha ↔ Steve


» You didnt.  Please tell me you didnt.

» Not the reaction that I was expecting.



          [ Taking a handful of room temperature pop corn, she chews before answering, though perhaps choking slightly ] I love four— With the Death Star exploding. [ Mimics the scene with her hand ] Gosh, it was beautiful… Yours?

I’m not sure. I feel like I go back and forth. But I’m not as opposed to the prequels as most people are. Probably because of Ewan McGregor. [Pause] Definitely because of Ewan McGregor.



"That could change." He stated blankly, but smirked. Tony was cautious of her hands, knowing the things they were capable of. His back tensed on instinct when Natasha’s thumbs pressed to his neck, then he let go with a groan. "-I can definitely feel that."  the groaning gave way to a content sigh of relief. 

She rolls her thumbs along the back of his neck a few more times then moves back. Folding her arms across her chest, Natasha arches a brow as a small smirk curls the corners of her lips. “See? No judo chopping. You have some serious trust issues.” 

avengers: endless wartime



[oh my god.]

Oh my god.

I don’t think you’re a cat lady, no. But now you’re kind of tempting me with the image. I meant-. I mean-… You seem like a person who’d like a cat before you’d like a dog.

… Why? You gonna get another one?

So soon?

[ Oh he was so getting flicked across the room for this. ]

[Quietly grabs the decorative throw pillow resting on the couch beside her and throws it hard, directly at his head]