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Black Widow

"You don’t need to know much about me. You don’t need to know where I came from. Something you should know, though: I loathe confrontation. - Black Widow #1




No, you’re right.  Wall.  Everything else takes too much time.  [as if this is the most natural conversation to have, mapping out the beats of a love scene with the love of his best friend’s life.]  How much of this are they going to show?

Relax. If they don’t fade to black it’ll probably be pretty vanilla. [She looks over at him, amused and biting back a smirk] Don’t tell me you’re getting twitchy over there.


liiiiiiing requested: bucky with a sniper rifle and/or a knife and/or fighting with nat or all of the above i’m a greedy person

comic book canon x mcu crossover for bucky and nat’s red room days



"Please don’t pretend that you know what I’m dealing with Natasha." he bit back a little, annoyed that she could pinpoint so much about him. Pathetic things at that, things he was ashamed of. Tony took a brief moment for himself as well, allowing strong feelings to recede. "That and..I found some of Bruce’s things…here in the lab.." his thumb gestured over his shoulder; a considerable amount of blood stained the floor across the room. "Next to that.." 

"Right… it must have been absolutely terrible for you when I was the one to find Bruce’s bloody, beaten corpse. You poor thing. And that trip I made to check on his grieving widow, the only member of the team to reach out to Betty since Bruce’s death — was that hard on you, too? Must have been.” She rolls her eyes, one hand clenching tightly into a fist at her side. “Can you, just for once, try to see past yourself and your own feelings? I understand that the entire concept of caring for others is probably foreign to you but it’s part of being on a team, Tony.”


Li’l warmup Natasha